Tuesday, August 16, 2011

SA Journal #5

7/26/2011, 7:15AM, Quiet Time

Lord, remind me to continually be aware of areas I can be a witness to you. Whether it's an encouraging word to a team member or praying with someone who's dying or debating/conversing with someone who needs Jesus and is fighting Him.

Would you also reign in me today? Would Your Holy Spirit take me over so completely that I don't do or say anything that isn't from You or for Your purposes. Teach me how to listen intently to Your voice and lead me in all my ways. Remove any fear, anxiety, or apprehension I may have about any situation I find myself in today so that I can love everyone I come into contact with, with Your love. Show me people the way You see them. Let ther continue to be unity in the group, remind us to continually put You ahead of our wants and desires. Let us serve Your purposes. Also, let the Children's Home people (Megan and Dara) enjoy themselves, teach well, cling to Your strength, and love on the people who this culture has given up on.

Vingercrawwl Highlights
1st Room at the School: Anna, a student with a fantastic voice. "Let us go and praise the Lord" prayers to use her talents to glorify God.

2nd Room: To proclaim Christ as boldly as Jan does is something I want. To continue to push/pursue. It's too important! The spirit is moving in this class, and it's such a priviledge to proclaim Christ openly in a classroom!

4th Room: I'm so proud of my wife and the bravery she's displayed to be vunerable to a group of teenagers she doesn't know!

5th Room: Over the board-"Compete with Total", on the door-"One Day is One Day" (Luke 9:23)

1st House in the Village: Awani-dying of HIV, husband has already passed, two adult children don't visit her. Very proud of David to follow the Holy Spirit's guiding in the situation. I need to continually pray for her even after this trip.

Fun to watch Ashton and Pat with their "fan club"

Got our servant's heart tested (as well as physical strength and attitude in stressful situations) when we had to repair two flat tires, one with a bicycle pump!

Beautiful sunset.

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